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Acme Pro-Grade Tungsten Jig, 2 Pack

Acme Pro-Grade Tungsten Jig, 2 Pack

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Acme Pro-Grade Tungsten Jig, 2 Pack
As low as $3.99
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Acme Pro-Grade Tungsten Jig

Don't let its diminutive size fool you! The Acme® Pro-Grade Tungsten Jig drops like a rock through the water column, with the enhanced density of its high-purity tungsten – so when the bite is on, and every second counts, you can get back into the zone quickly. Designed specifically for advanced ice fishing for dinnerplate-sized panfish. The exclusive Acme HD2 finish combines sharp, fish-attracting definition with all-season-long durability. Molded on a super-sharp Japanese steel hook.

•High-purity tungsten ensures fast sinking

•Durable Acme HD2 high-definition finish

•Super-sharp Japanese steel hook