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Acme Mick-E Tungsten Jig

Acme Mick-E Tungsten Jig

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Acme Mick-E Tungsten Jig
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Acme Mick-E Tungsten Jig

Stir up some action under the ice with the unique shimmying motion of the Acme® Mick-E Tungsten Jig. This enhanced version of the Pro-Grade Jig is fitted with a unique silicone bill shaped like "Mick-E ears" that imparts a wriggling, darting action no other ice jig can match. Glides and dances just like a real waterbug! The body is molded of high-purity tungsten, so you can drop your jig back into the strike zone fast. Acme HD2 high-def finish; super-sharp Japanese steel hook.

•Fast-sinking high-purity tungsten ice jig

•Unique silicone bill creates wild action

•Darts and glides like a real waterbug

•Durable Acme HD2 high-definition finish

•Super-sharp Japanese steel hook