About L&M Fleet Supply

MAY 2017 MARKS 58 YEARS FOR L&M Supply

L&M Fleet Supply has proudly served Northern Minnesota customers for 57 years. Co-Owner/Operators Terry Matteson, Don Ley, Del Matteson, Shawn Matteson, and Erik Andersen would like to thank all of our loyal customers and our dedicated staff that have contributed to and driven the growth of our retail Company in the competitive Northern Minnesota market place in the past 57 years. In 1959 James Luthen and Delbert Matteson opened the first L&M Fleet Supply store in Grand Rapids, Minnesota. Their vision and mission was to be one of the first merchants to buy direct from factories and sell directly to the consumer. Out of that vision the Company Philosophy and Logo was established as “Quality at a Discount.”

The first L&M Fleet Supply store, as seen pictured, was a 30’ x 60’ wooden building that barely had room for all the signage on the front. L&M Supply started with a small markup philosophy, which continues today. L&M Supply includes nine retail store locations and one corporate office/distribution center across Northern Minnesota and Northern Wisconsin.

Through the years L&M Supply has established a yearly tradition of major promotions for our customers. Our staff of buyers is currently planning for 2017’s major promotions which include, Dollar Days in February, Cabin Fever in March, Powerama in April, the Spring Fishing and Home Improvement Flyers in May, Father’s Day Flyer in June, Customer Appreciation Sale in July, the annual Peanut Days Sale in August, Labor Day and Fall Flyers in September, Hunting Flyer in October, and Black Friday & Ladies’ Night in November.

L&M Supply was started in 1959 by James Luthen and Del Matteson

L&M Supply was started in 1959 by James Luthen and Del Matteson

At this time L&M Supply would like to thank all of their loyal customers for the past 57 years. The goal and philosophy of the Company remains unchanged, that is to continue to provide quality products at discount prices with excellent customer service. Adhering to this philosophy will continue to drive the growth of L&M Supply in the future. We would also like to thank our staff for their dedication in running L&M Fleet Supply. Their continued commitment will be the catalyst for insuring future growth and customer satisfaction at L&M Supply.