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Y-Tex OPtimizer InsecticideTag, 20 ct.

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Y-Tex OPtimizer InsecticideTag, 20 ct.
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Y-Tex OPtimizer InsecticideTag, 20 ct.

OPtimizer® is an economical organophosphate tag containing 21% diazinon and performs well in areas with horn fly pyrethroid resistance. OPtimizer® controls horn flies, Gulf Coast ticks, spinose ear ticks, lice and aids in control of face flies up to 5 months with two tags per head.

Product Benefits:
• Approved for use on beef cattle and non-lactating dairy cattle.
• Controls ectoparasites which cause major economic losses.
• Reduces need for frequent spray treatments.
• May be used in winter for lice control.
• Requires no withdrawal time.
• Has Y-TEX patented Snap-Lok™ collar for guaranteed retention against tag or button failure for 5 months.
• Uses the proven Y-TEX two-piece application system.
• Ideal for rotation programs with PYthon®, PYthon Magnum™ or other pyrethroid tags to help manage horn fly resistance