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X-Seed 25lb Equine Pastures Grass Seed

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X-Seed 25lb Equine Pastures Grass Seed
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X-Seed 25lb Equine Pastures Grass Seed

This mix offer premium quality grass hay that provide additional nutrition for horses, cattle, sheep, and other livestock while improving soil fertility and erosion control.
This ensures that nutrients are available very early - when the plants need it the most. MICRO-BOOST enhances early plant growth, delivers faster, more even emergence, longer, more developed roots, larger seedlings, and can withstand periods of stress.

• Provides excellent feed for
• Idle horses
• Breeding stock
• Horses used recreationally
• Excellent source of premium quality grass hay
• Ideal for permanent pastures
• Good source of fiber
• Does not cause bloat
• Covers up to 1 acre