WoodMaster Maxim M255 PE Outdoor Wood Pellet And Corn Furnace

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WoodMaster Maxim M255 PE Outdoor Wood Pellet And Corn Furnace
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Heat multiple buildings and water. The Maxim outdoor wood pellet and corn furnace can be installed safely outdoors next to your building.


Included with furnace:
•Water Test Kit
•Cleaning Rod
•Flue Brush Kit
•Ground Rod Kit
•Ash Scoop
•Rain Cap and two 4-foot chimney sections


*The Maxim is for non-residential use only when using wood pellets as a fuel source.*


Proven reliable technology:

  • Convenient Operation
    Based on your personalized needs, the FireStar II electronic controller automatically controls the water temperature, heat output and air settings. Starting the fire is as easy as pushing a button with the automatic electronic ignition.
  • Durability and Reliability
    Maxim furnaces are manufactured with attention to detail. Every component must meet the highest standards…ours.
  • Extended Burn Times
    The Maxim makes heating easier than ever with its large integrated hopper. This allows heating for several days or more on a single load of fuel.


Door Size- 15.5″ x 13.5″

Weight- 1310 lbs

Supply/Return Ports- 1 set of 1-1/4″ supply and return ports, 1 set of 3/4″ supply and return ports

Water Capacity- 90 gal.

Hopper Capacity- 11 bushel (600 lb)