Whitetail Institute 30-06 Mineral Block – 20 LB

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Whitetail Institute 30-06 Mineral Block – 20 LB
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30-06 Mineral Block delivers essential macro and trace minerals along with vitamins A, D, and E needed for a healthy herd and for bucks to reach more of their genetic potential in antler growth. 30-06 Mineral Block is a true, professionally formulated, high-quality mineral and vitamin supplement – not a glorified salt lick. Our exclusive scent and flavor enhancer draws deer to 30-06 Mineral Block quickly and consistently. 

  • Contains scent and flavor attractants and enhancers
  • Long-lasting and economical to use
  • Professionally formulated specifically for the needs of deer during the spring and summer
  • Includes necessary vitamins, and specific minerals in correct forms and ratios for antler growth, pregnancy, and lactation

CAUTION – Some states consider it bait. Consult your local game laws before using.