Whitetail Institute Imperial Extreme, 5.6 Lbs.

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Whitetail Institute Imperial Extreme, 5.6 Lbs.
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Whitetail Institute’s new Extreme is the result of years of searching and research, painstaking selections and careful blending of seeds with one goal in mind: offering a seed blend that can handle extreme conditions. Extreme can withstand a pH range of 5.4 to 7.5 and requires a minimum of fifteen inches of rainfall. It is remarkably heat-resistant and cold-tolerant. It’s a tough product for extreme conditions.

  • Extreme provides a high-quality, protein-rich food source year round. The high protein provided by Extreme can help produce an overall healthier herd. High protein availability in the spring and summer is also crucial for producing better quality antlers on your bucks.
  • Just as important, deer are incredibly attracted to Extreme. Actually field testers across the U.S report, Extreme’s attractiveness rivals that of the legendary Imperial Whitetail Clover.