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TriLink Bar/Chain Combo 18" 62 Drive Links

TriLink Bar/Chain Combo 18" 62 Drive Links

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TriLink Bar/Chain Combo 18" 62 Drive Links
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  • This TriLink 18 in. bar and chain combination features TriLink low kickback (S62) Centri-Lube saw chain. The light weight guide bar is reversible for a long cutting life. The product’s hardened guide bar rails and precision bearings provide long life and smooth chain action along the guide bar.

    Light weight design for faster cutting and reduced user fatigue; Please see fit up guide for complete list of compatible chainsaws; Saw chain is certified by underwriter's laboratories (UL) to meet all American National Standards Institute (ANSI) standards for low kickback chain; Centri-lube self-lubricating chain provides for longer life, less stretch and reduced heat buildup in the bar and chain; Secure with 4 rivets to the sprocket nose for resistance to the nose opening; Includes TriLink chain and TriLink guide bar

      • Bar Length: 18"
      • Pitch: 3/8" LP Semi-Chisel
      • Gauge: .050"
      • 62 Drive Links
      • File Size: 5/32"