Toyshock Haunted House & Black Hole 3D Digital Pinball Machine

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Toyshock Haunted House & Black Hole 3D Digital Pinball Machine

Included games: Haunted House, Black Hole, El Dorado City of Gold, Big Shot, Class of 1812, Bone Busters, Lights..Camera..Action, Victory, TX Sector, Centigrade 37, Jacks Open, Goin' Nuts

  • All 3D technology - 12 Classic Gottlieb games recreated in stunning 3D detail
  • Emulates actual mechanical Pinball games 
  • Individual Game Instructions on screen help player master each game
  • Four Alpha/Numeric Displays OR DMD/LCD screen for Player - Ball Count - Score - Game Options
  • High Scores recorded and saved for every game
  • Nudge the ball in three directions - but be careful not to Tilt or you'll lose your ball
  • Flipper Buttons and Mechanical Plunger for a real life pinball feel
  • Pause the action at any time
  • All games licensed
  • Proportional Size and realistic arcade look (Approx 70% of full size pinball machine)
  • Perfect home-use size
  • Extremely solid and stable
  • 24 inch Playfield Display
  • Stereo Speakers
  • Volume Control
  • Back Lit Back Box Display
  • Offers the broadest variety of games available in the market today
  • Easy Assembly (15 - 20 minutes)
  • Legs Solid metal / 2 Bolt-Screws per leg, wrench included