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Tenpoint Evo-X Centerpunch Carbon, 16"

Tenpoint Evo-X Centerpunch Carbon, 16"

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Tenpoint Evo-X Centerpunch Carbon, 16"
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Tenpoint Evo-X Centerpunch Carbon, 16"

Specifically designed for the Havoc RS440 and the Siege RS410, the lighted CenterPunch 16-inch arrow is fletched slightly offset and is fitted with an 84-grain insert and TenPoints Alpha-Brite System. Constructed from modulus carbon fiber at 33 MSI (million-pounds-per-square-inch) and wrapped in an exclusive LAZER-TECH carbon weave, it is fletched with 2.1-inch Q2i Fusion-II Vanes. CenterPunch arrows are inspected for straightness to within .001 and each package is weight-grain matched within 1-grain per arrow.




•Thoroughly tested through the manufacturing process
•Carefully designed using cutting-edge technology
•Made to meet international standards for quality and safety




Length: 16"
Straightness: 0.001"
Weight: 400 gr
F.O.C: 17.5%