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SweetPro EquiLix Horse Supplement 50 lb Tub

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SweetPro EquiLix Horse Supplement 50 lb Tub
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A unique non-molasses, non-starch free choice lick block for horses, mules, and donkeys. Improve overall animal health, performance, digestion, hoof/coat quality, fertility, feed utilization, and weight gain.

  • EquiLix Supplement Block makes providing supplements to your horses easier than ever
  • This 'all-in-one' vitamin and mineral supplement includes strong prebiotic and digestive aids for better health and performance
  • Solid horse lick block can be used daily with good quality forages
  • Helps to support digestion, excellent feed efficiency, and resistance to colicing
  • Supports a shiny, healthy hair coat
  • Increases lubricity of joints
  • Helps to maintain strength, endurance, and temperament
  • Supports brighter, clearer eyes
  • Safe for metabolic and insulin-resistant horses
  • SweetPro designed this supplement to maximize nutrient uptake while minimizing the needs for multiple supplements
  • ProBiotein supports the digestion of forages so your horse gets more out of their hay
  • Contains FlaxFactor, a stabilized, milled flax with high levels of omega 3 fatty acids
  • Recommended for horses