Superior Pump Remote Water Detector

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Superior Pump Remote Water Detector
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Insurance companies site water damage from faulty plumbing & frozen pipes as the third most common cause of homeowner claims. While you can’t predict water leaks or mechanical failure, you can improve your response time with a Superior Pump Remote Monitor with Early Warning Alerts to help you protect your property and minimize repair costs.*

Use your smartphone, tablet or computer to monitor for water leaks and high or low temperature/humidity levels to prevent frozen pipes or mold growth.* Water damage can be caused by frozen or broken pipes, rusty water heaters, leaky roofs, basements and foundations from snow, rain or floods, faulty plumbing installation, sump pump overflow, leaky dishwasher hoses and washing machine overflow.

Monitor and protect property: Connect the included gateway to your existing network router, and register your remote monitor to activate remote monitoring with text and e-mail alerts.*

*Review the manual for product disclaimers

  • Home, second home, office or rental property
  • Kitchens, baths, laundry & pool rooms
  • Utility sinks, sumps & water heaters
  • Basements, garages, attics, greenhouses & farms
  • Near aquariums & terrariums