Northland Fishing Tank Warmer

Northland Fishing Tank Warmer

Northland Fishing Tank Warmer
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The primary purpose of Tank Warmer is to sustain the warmth within the tank, similar to a coffee thermos. Keeping the core of the tank warmer longer, permits greater use of the gases inside. 

The photo above depicts a 72F tank being frozen to near zero degrees. Thirty minutes later, the core of the tank remained 33.4F. More important, tanks with less than 1/3 gas remaining freeze quicker. Once warmed, the user will consume 100% of the remaining gas.

Our testing has shown that a warm tank runs heaters longer than a frozen tank.

Slide Tank Warmer sleeve over a 1-pound propane cylinder to increase the life of the tank’s propane by up to 35 percent. Save fuel and money while powering heaters, lanterns and other ice fishing gear. For maximum runtime, use in direct sunlight to activate solar absorption materials, or slide hand warmer between sleeve and tank.

  • Heavy 3mm Neoprene exterior
    Inner core of 4mm HRI “Heat Retention Insulation”
    Increases the life of your propane tank by up to 35%!
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