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Fish Houses

Fish Houses

Make sure you have all of the ice fishing gear to stay comfortable day and night. At L&M Fleet Supply, find the ideal ice fishing shelter from brands like Otter and Eskimo, among others, and brave the cold.

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Ice Fishing Shelters: Pop-Up Hubs Vs. Flip-Overs

Protect yourself from the elements with a quality ice fishing shelter. These come in two popular designs called pop-up hubs and flip-overs, each offering their own unique benefits. Below are the main considerations when deciding between a pop-up vs flip-over ice fishing shelter:

  • Spread out in a spacious pop-up hub, which offers enough room for a group of people and all of your gear. With a pop-up, you’ll get more protection, but these require more effort to haul and set up.
  • Keep it easy with a flip-over house, where all you need to do is flip the frame over your head at your ideal fishing spot, allowing for almost-instant setup and tear down. While these don’t provide as much protection, they’re highly mobile and carry a small footprint.

Hub Style vs Sled Style Ice Fishing Shelters

Another popular option is a sled-style ice fishing shelter, which offers yet another set of unique advantages. Here are the main considerations when deciding between a hub-style vs sled-style ice fishing shelter:

  • Sled-style shelters are quick and easy to set up, while keeping all of your gear in one, portable place. These allow you to move on the ice and the ability to pick new spots throughout the day.
  • Hub-style shelters are more heavy-duty, and great for setting up your spot and staying put for the whole day, although they can be moved with some effort.

What is the Best Ice Fishing Shelter Brand?

The two top brands in the ice fishing shelter market are Otter and Eskimo. These brands are known for their durable, amenity-filled pop-up, sled and hub shelters that supply the perfect mix of convenience and comfortability.


Why choose a portable ice fishing shelter?

Today’s ice fishing shelters are practical, portable, easy to set up and keep you safe from winter weather. Many have windows, doors, seating, heating elements and other accessories you wouldn’t normally enjoy out on the ice, making the experience that much more enjoyable.