Custom Jigs & Spins Mega Glow Demon Jig

Custom Jigs & Spins Mega Glow Demon Jig

As low as $2.49
Custom Jigs & Spins Mega Glow Demon Jig
As low as $2.49
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The popular Custom Jigs & Spins Demon plus the industry’s most powerful glow finish gives you the brightest ice jig available! Available in 5 Sizes and 6 hot Mega Glow finishes!

Ice Fishing

Mega Glow Demons are available in all our popular sizes for all fish species. Our unique glow finish really produces the slabs! For the brightest glow, charge with our purple UV Nuclear Flash. This ultra-violet flash is nearly invisible to the human eye, but does a real number on the Mega Glow! Use Mega Glow Demons at night and in stained water situations. Trust us, you’ll be impressed! Tip with bugs, minnows or Finesse Plastics.

Open Water

The Mega Glow Demon can be just the thing to trigger neutral to negative walleyes and crappies. Flip Mega Glow Demons around fallen trees and brush piles to put more crappies in your well. For walleyes, fish below a slip bobber with a leech or minnow — or ditch the float and let flutter off weed lines and breaks on light line.

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