Allen Exo Handgun Case

Allen Exo Handgun Case
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Allen Exo Handgun Case

The Exo Handgun Case from Allen is what every handgun owners needs for their favorite handgun. This handgun case features a thermo-molded exoskeleton with a micro egg crate foam interior, both designed to keep your firearm protected from dings and scratches whether you’re at the range or in the field. The heavy-duty lockable zippers also keep your gun protected from prying eyes. Includes a brushed metal Allen nameplate and a comfortable molded carrying handle.

Available in: 9in and 12in.

Handguns Up to 9″
External Dimensions: 10.25″ x 8″ x 1.75″
Interior Dimensions: 9.75″ x 6.75″

Handguns Up to 12″
Comes with Two Interior Straps and Can Fit 2 Handguns
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