Bait Up 35 oz Live Bait Container w/ Lanyard

Bait Up 35 oz Live Bait Container w/ Lanyard
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Bait Up 35 oz Live Bait Container w/ Lanyard

Perfect for the walking and wading angler, the Bait Up™ 35 is an excellent way to carry more of your favorite small bait or larger bait such as shrimp, crayfish, or shiners. A shoulder strap is included to make carrying and accessing bait even easier when attached to a fishing vest accessory loop, belt loop, or worn by the angler! Highly portable! No wet hands!

Bait Up allows the live bait angler to conveniently keep, carry, view, and select live bait without hindrance to the movements or demands required to be successful at fishing with live bait.

-Lifts bait out of the water instead of the angler searching through icy cold water for bait of their liking.
-Select Lid allows for quick and dry bait selection.
-Fill Lid eliminates bait loss when the angler needs to refresh low oxygenated water.
-Allows the angler to constantly monitor live bait activity to determine when water needs to be refreshed.
-Use to attach Bait Up to a fishing vest, belt loop, or worn by the angler.
-The open end of the floating basket faces the end of the jar without a lip, while the foam float is oriented towards the lipped end of the jar. This orientation allows the angler to select bait at one end and refill the jar at the other, without losing bait. The heavy duty lanyard threads onto the fill lid for easy transport.
-Our products are modular. Replacement parts are available for purchase as you need them!
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