Blitzer 5 Mile Solar Charger

Blitzer 5 Mile Solar Charger
Blitzer 5 Mile Solar Charger

Controlling livestock in a location without access to AC power is easy with the Zareba® 5 Mile Solar Fence Charger.

The Zareba® 5 Mile Solar Fence Charger powers up to 5 miles of fence and can be used with the following fence types: steel/aluminum, poly wire/poly rope and poly tape.

Patented mechanical heliotropic capability allows the energizer to turn to face the sun, regardless of the direction the T-post faces. Made in the USA, this charger can be used in conditions with no weeds or light weeds. The solar panel features compartmental damage-resistant construction.

Features include: 6-volt battery (included) and flashing "Fence OK" light to let you know the charger is working. With .1 joule output, it has intermittent DC output and a range of 5 miles under ideal conditions.

360° rotation allows charger to rotate on T-Post to face the sun
Powers up to 5 miles of fence using a sun charged battery
Input Voltage: 6 VDC
Output Voltage: 8.6 KV +/- 20% open circuit voltage
Can be used with steel, aluminum, poly wire, poly rope or poly tape
Low-impedance technology allows for longer battery life
Resists shorts when the fence is in contact with weeds
One year limited warranty includes damage caused by lightning
Made in the USA
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