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Shakespeare Catch More Fish Walleye Spinning Combo

Shakespeare Catch More Fish Walleye Spinning Combo

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Shakespeare Catch More Fish Walleye Spinning Combo
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Shakespeare Catch More Fish Walleye Spinning Combo

With a Shakespeare® Catch More Fish® combo, anglers will have everything they need to enjoy a day on the water catching walleye. In addition to a Shakespeare® rod and reel, the combo also includes top brands in bait and line – Berkley® PowerBait® and Stren®.

•Includes Berkley® PowerBait® Minnows and Grubs, night-crawler harness rig, jig heads, live bait tackle and tackle box
•Aluminum spool filled with 6 LB Stren monofilament fishing line
•Berkley® PowerBait® Minnows and Grubs
•2 - Jig Heads
•2 - Walking Sinkers
•1 - Night Crawler Harness Rig
•3 - Octopus Hooks
•5 - Fluorescent Beads
•4 - Barrel Swivels
•Jig Head
•Insert the hook into the nose end of the PowerBait®, power grub.
•Thread the bait onto the hook. When the hook reaches the middle of the bait, push the end of the hook out of the bait.
•Slide the bait towards the head of the jig.
•Fishing Tips
•Fishing a jig head is the most versatile method for walleye fishing. Jig heads can be fished from a boat or from land. Fish by casting it out and letting it sink to the bottom. Once the bait hits the bottom lift your rod tip up and reel slightly, then let the bait fall back down. Also, try to add a little twitching action to the bait by jerking the rod slightly as you lift it upward. Make sure to keep the slack out of your line so you can set the hook when a fish bites. To set the hook pull firmly back on the rod and then maintain steady pressure on the fish as you reel it in, do not continue to jerk the rod after the initial hook set.
•Bottom Bouncer Rig
•Slide the walking sinker onto your line.
•Tie the night crawler harness to the line attaching it to the barrel swivel.
•Slide a PowerBait® minnow onto the hook.
•Fishing Tips
•The bottom bouncer rig is designed for slow trolling for walleye. This rig can be fished with or without the night crawler harness. To rig without the night crawler harness simply tie a 36 inch leader to the barrel swivel and then tie a hook to the end of the leader. When trolling for walleye try to cover a lot of water in order to find the fish. Walleye are bottom feeders so allow this rig to slowly bounce off the bottom as you creep along. Fish tend to hold on rocky points, underwater ledges, and various underwater structures. You can also