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Shakespeare Catch More Fish Bass Spinning Combo

Shakespeare Catch More Fish Bass Spinning Combo

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Shakespeare Catch More Fish Bass Spinning Combo
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Shakespeare Catch More Fish Bass Spinning Combo

With a Shakespeare® Catch More Fish® combo, anglers will have everything they need to enjoy a day on the water pursuing bass. In addition to a Shakespeare® rod and reel, the combo also includes top brands in bait and line – Berkley® PowerBait® and Stren®.

•Includes Berkley® PowerBait® shaky worms and lizards, crankbait, spinner grubs and tackle box
•Aluminum spool filled with 8 LB Stren monofilament fishing line

•Berkley® PowerBait®
•Shaky Worms
•Power Lizards

•1 - Crank Bait
•2 - Spinner Grubs
•5 - Grubs
•4 - 3/0 Worm Hooks
•1 - Jig Head
•5 - Split Shots
•Texas Rig
•Thread the bullet weight onto the line. Then tie the hook to the line.
•Insert hook into nose of PowerBait® shaky worm or power lizard.
•Pull hook through body, rotate hook and embed the point.
•Rigged bait should be straight, with hook point at the surface.
•Fishing Tips
•A Texas rig excels for fishing in thick cover. Cast or pitch into weeds, brush or rocks where big bass often lurk. •Drag it through cover or along structures like underwater points. To fish thick shallow cover, drop the rig vertically •into spots with a long rod. It sinks into the strike zone with no splash to alarm bass.
•Wacky Rig
•Bend PowerBait®, shaky worm in half to find the center.
•Hook the worm all the way through the body as shown in the picture above.
•Fishing Tips
•A wacky rig works well in open water, around structure like docks, and in all water depths. To fish let the worm sink slowly and wiggle your rod tip every few seconds. Once the bait hits the bottom start a slow retrieve where you let the bait rise and then slowly fall again. Try using soft and hard jerks in various patterns until you find the perfect action.