KMI Roof Melt 60 Tablets

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KMI Roof Melt 60 Tablets

Eliminate ice dams safely from the ground – no need for a ladder, extension equipment or other tools. RoofMelt™ tablets work on contact with trapped water, melting existing ice.

Helps prevent damage from Ice Dams

Eliminates Ice Dams and expensive damage

Simple to use-Toss a tablet on the roof and let it do the work

Roofmelt is a proven and inexpensive product

How it Works:

1. While safely on the ground, toss a Roofmelt tablet onto the roof.

2. The Roofmelt Tablet melts down and settles on the roof surface.

3. Roofmelt begins to work when it comes in contact with snow & ice.

The Roofmelt tablet & water mixture begin to melt (from the bottom up) the existing ice dam.

4. Water drains from the roof, to the ground. The ice dam and the snow are safely eliminated.