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Rapala Shadow Rap Deep

Rapala Shadow Rap Deep

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Rapala Shadow Rap Deep
As low as $8.99
Rapala Shadow Rap Deep

The Shadow Rap®Deep combines a horizontal struggle with a vertical fade that perfectly mimics a minnow in trouble in the 4-8 foot depth range. Rapala has perfected the natural minnow action in this new jerkbait that triggers fish in three ways: on the kick, on a slow fading fall and on the snap back to life. Most jerk baits continue on a forward plane with each jerk. Not the Shadow Rap®Deep. It kicks almost 180 degrees right then left, so it can be fished nearly in place with very little forward travel, keeping the flickering fade right in a fish's strike zone.

Incredible Life-Like Finishes
Kicks Almost 180 Degrees Right Then Left
Action Keeps Shadow Rap®Deep in Strike Zone Longer
Slow-Sinking on Pause
Running Depth: 4 ft. to 8 ft.
Premium VMC®Black Nickel Round Bend Hooks
Technique: Casting