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Orion Signal Flare/Fire Starter - 2 Pack

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Orion Signal Flare/Fire Starter - 2 Pack


Signal flare/fire starter, 2 pack, 4 per case.  Versatile signal can be used to start fire or signal rescuers that you have an emergency and help to locate your position. 



  • Lightweight and small: 5 1/4" long, weighs only 8 oz.
  • Self-contained ignition, no match required. Windproof.
  • Produces bright red signal for up to 7 minutes in excess of 2,000 degrees.
  • Intense heat- lights even damp wood!
  • New eco-friendly formulation- contains no perchlorate chemicals.
  • Great day or night signal.
  • Ships as an ORM-D, no hazmat fees apply.