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NFZ Puffer - 45g

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NFZ Puffer - 45g
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NFZ Puffer 

Indicated for eye and ear infections surface wounds cuts and abrasions in dogs and cats.Remove cap and squeeze container to fore a stream of powder disectly into the eye.


•   1.59 oz.

•   0.2% nitrofurazone

•   Eye infections - Squeeze container to force a stream of powder directly into the eye. Repeat treatment daily. If no improvement after four days a new diagnosis should be made or a veterinarian consulted.

•   Ear infections - Clean inside of ear and ear canal with cotton. Insert nozzle of container into ear canal and squeeze twice. Repeat daily until improvement is noted.

•   Surface wounds, cuts, and abrasions - Apply daily until danger from infection is eliminated or until healing takes place.

•   FDA approved antibacterial powder for pet wound care

•   Made in the USA

•   Ready-to-use as an alternative to pet bandages

•   Shake or rotate to loosen pet styptic powder.

•   Federal Law prohibits the use of this product in food producing animals