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Moultrie Bear Magnet Raspberry Jelly Doughnut

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Moultrie Bear Magnet Raspberry Jelly Doughnut
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Moultrie Bear Magnet Raspberry Jelly Doughnut

Super-charge your bait site and attract more bears with Moultrie’s Bear Magnet, a thick liquid formula that comes in 3 irresistible flavors. Bears love the taste of fresh jelly doughnuts and will keep coming back for them for days at a time; wait until they get a load of Bear Magnet’s raspberry jelly doughnut in a bottle! Bears also have terrific noses and a great memory for where food can be found. It only takes one taste of Moultrie’s Raspberry Jelly Doughnut Bear Magnet to start a feeding frenzy and keep them coming back for more. Pour Bear Magnet on bait or around your stand and draw bears from all around with the scent of sweet, gooey jelly doughnut.

Black bears love berries and pastries of all kinds, but raspberries are one of their favorites. Bring bears running with this super-concentrated formula strong enough to be used alone or blended with other bait.

■ Long-lasting, gooey raspberry jelly doughnut flavor brings bears in close
■ One taste is all it takes to draw bears in and keep them there
■ Concentrated enough for use alone or blended with other bait
■ Pour directly on bait, stumps, trees or the ground near your stand
■ 1 gallon bottle