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Milton 3-in-1 Tire Valve Extractor and Inflator Tool

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Milton 3-in-1 Tire Valve Extractor and Inflator Tool
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Milton’s three-in-one tire valve extractor and inflator also acts as an inflation tool that saves you valuable time. There are seals inside the unit along with a smooth bore, so the tool can hold air. If there’s a large amount of air needed to put into a tire, you want the valve core out of the way, to speed the flow of air through the tire valve. This versatile and inclusive pneumatic valve accessory allows for removing valve cores, inflating tires, and installing cores all with one tool. Valve core remains inside the tool, meaning no more lost valve cores or air escaping. Simply clip this convenient tool clips onto tire valve thread.

  • MULTI-FUNCTION TOOL: Use to remove valve cores, install valve cores, and inflate your tires with air. 1/4" threaded inlet.
  • SAVE TIME: Cut the valve cap installation process in half. Customized with air-holding seals to speed airflow through the tire valve.
  • NO MORE: Unnecessary wear on standard valve core tools, escaped air from the tire/valve, or having to reinstall the tire chuck.
  • Valve core remains inside the tool so no more lost valve cores.
  • TO INFLATE TIRE PRESSURE: Install air chuck onto #433, push knurled end inward, unscrew valve core. Pull knurled knob back, allowing core to be safely held inside of tool's air-tight chamber, out of the path of air.
  • FULL LENGTH: 5 1/8". (6 3/4" if extended).
  • The perfect tool for removing valve cores, inflating tires and installing cores in one tool.