MAG 1® Full Synthetic 4T 10W-40 Motor Oil - Quart

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MAG 1® Full Synthetic 4T 10W-40 Motor Oil - Quart
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MAG 1® Full Synthetic 10W-40 4T Motor Oil is specially engineered for small four stroke engines used in recreational powersports.

Small engines have evolved dramatically, requiring highly specialized fluids for unique applications. One brand has evolved right alongside – MAG 1®. Only the most advanced oil meets the difficult challenges of effectively balancing performance, strength and durability.

  • Formulated with a 100% full synthetic base stock
  • Special friction modifiers for wet-clutch performance.
  • JASO MA2 Licensed 
  • Recommended for snowmobiles, ATVs, personal watercraft and motorcycles that call for a 10W-40 that meets the requirements of JASO MA, JASO MA 2, or API SL.
  • Featuring FMX® Technology ™ is designed to provide unsurpassed protection.
  • Delivers superior anti-friction performance for your motorcycle or scooter.
  • Provides a strong oil film to prevent metal-to-metal contact between rotating parts to prevent wear.
  • Resists thickening due to high operating temperatures.