JB Weld FiberFix Repair Wrap - 2" x 50"

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JB Weld FiberFix Repair Wrap - 2" x 50"
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FiberFix combines industrial strength fiber and specialized resin into a wrap that will bond to almost anything, hardens like steel, and provides a permanent fix. 100 times stronger than duct tape. For use on pressurized pipes, leaking hoses, fishing poles, posts, rails, large yard tools and any other high impact or weight bearing application. Product is waterproof, heat and cold resistant between -50 F (degrees Fahrenheit) and 300 F, and can be sanded and painted. Simply open the roll, dip it in water, wrap the item tightly, and use the repaired item within 10-15 minutes. Includes 1 sealed roll of FiberFix repair wrap, gloves, sandpaper, vinyl seal strip.

  • Fiberglass repair tape impregnated with water-activated resin
  • Hardens like steel in 10 minutes
  • Can be sanded and painted
  • For repairs on household items, tools, plumbing, automotive and recreational equipment