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Iso-Heet Red Bottle, 4PK

Iso-Heet Red Bottle, 4PK

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Iso-Heet Red Bottle, 4PK
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Gold Eagle Iso-HEET Water Remover and Premium Fuel Line Antifreeze + Injector Cleaner is the premium gas-line antifreeze that absorbs up to 5 times the water of regular gas dryers. It is designed for year round use in all 2 and 4 cycle gas and diesel engines. ISO-HEET prevents rust and corrosion by getting the water out. This anti-freeze can be used with every fill up in below freezing temperatures or whenever you want to absorb water from gas or diesel fuel. This product comes in an easy pour 12 ounce bottle.



•   Absorbs 5 Times More Water Than Regular Gas-Line Antifreeze

•   Cleans Fuel Injectors and Carburetors

•   Designed For Year Round Use In All 2-Cycle and 4-Cycle Gas and Diesel Engines

•   Removes Water From Fuel System - Prevents Rust and Corrosion