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Hillman House For Sale Sign Black & White (20" X 24")

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Hillman House For Sale Sign Black & White (20" X 24")
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Grab attention with this House For Sale Sign Black and White (20" x 24") to ensure visibility for your sale. Contrasting colors help grab attention and large font ensures that the sign is easy to read. These signs are sure to help interested buyers make their choice.


EYE-CATCHING SIGN: Contrasting colors grant greater visibility, attracting attention and ensuring visitors and passersby are aware of the sign's intent

ENSURES CLEAR MESSAGE: Bold letters and concise language helps signs create an easily understandable message to those in the area; simple pictogram helps viewers further understand the sign's intent, especially for those far away or with impaired vision

TOUGH BUILD: High quality sign is made and finished to be durable, rust-resistant, and to withstand adverse weather conditions

BUILDING CODE REQUIREMENTS: Check local building code requirements for signs to ensure compliance before mounting