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Got-2-Glow Pet Finder

Got-2-Glow Pet Finder

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Got-2-Glow Pet Finder
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Got-2-Glow Pet Finder

Search for fairy pets in your bedroom, in the kitchen, outside in the garden, and even by your own pets – there’s always a fairy pet around. The more you play with your Fairy Pet Finder, the more fairy pets you will find. Grow your collection by trading fairy pets with friends!




•ALL-NEW VIRTUAL FAIRY PETS! Search for fairy pets in your bedroom, in the garden, upside down,
and even by your own pets – there’s always a fairy pet around. To find all 80+ fairy pets, be sure to
keep moving to new locations with different lighting!

•CAN YOU COLLECT ‘EM ALL?! Open the lid on your Fairy Pet Finder and watch a magical light show as a virtual fairy
pet finds its home inside your jar! With 40+ virtual fairy pets to find in each jar, across 4 different levels of rarity, and
80+ fairy pets to collect in total, your days are going to fly by trying to find them all.

•YOUR NEW PET BFFS. Bond with your fairy pets by saying hello, hugging, and feeding them. To say hello, open the lid and talk
to your fairy pets! You can even show how much you love your fairy pets by giving them a hug or a kiss! Play the game by
guiding your fairy pet through the clouds to reach a new high score!

•UNLOCK NEW FAIRIES! You can now share fairies with friends AND between your other Got2Glow toys! The Got2Glow
Fairy Pet Finder is compatible with the Got2Glow Baby Fairy Finder and Got2Glow Fairy Finder! Transfer your fairy
pets between toys to unlock new fairies! 

•FIND MY FAIRY APP. While your Fairy Pet Finder is fully functional offline, you can download the Find My Fairy
app to view your entire collection and learn fun facts about every fairy pet you find! Plus, keep an eye out for
secret codes that will allow you to unlock new virtual fairy pets throughout the year!