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Goldenrod Oiler w/Flex Spout, 12 oz

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Goldenrod Oiler w/Flex Spout, 12 oz
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The steel pumps on Goldenrod 700-series industrial pump oilers make them ideal for tough industrial applications.


*Colors may vary from store to store in either Red or Bronze.


•Goldenrod® industrial pump oiler
•12 oz. capacity
•8" flexible spout with straight spout tip
•Powder coated copper bronze finish with zinc plated top cap
•Large plated handle is comfortable to use
•Thumb lever delivers a drop or stream of oil and stays primed for instant use
•Tips on straight and angle spouts have oil cup cap lifter
•Replaceable and interchangeable spouts can be removed from the plated top cap and handle assembly
•Made in the U.S.A.