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Flanders Furnace Filter - 16 x 25 x 4 3/8

Flanders Furnace Filter - 16 x 25 x 4 3/8

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Flanders Furnace Filter - 16 x 25 x 4 3/8
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This disposable deep pleated air filter cartridge is specially designed to work in a Honeywell whole-house air cleaner. The filtering medium is made with synthetic mechanical filtering fibers. The medium is adhered to an expanded metal backing, deep pleated and encased in a moisture resistant Kraft board frame. It offers a MERV 8 level of performance. 

  • Electrostatic Charge
  • A natural electrostatic charge catches and holds airborne contaminants especially dust.
  • Pleated Shape
  • With a pleated shape, filters resist collapsing, warping, or bending in normal service.
  • High Dust Holding Capacity
  • A high dust holding capacity extends the service life of your filter by allowing it to retain high quantities of dust before replacement.
  • Product Compatible With
  • Honeywell Cleaner Housings
  • Air Filter Depth (in.): 4
    Air Filter Height (in.): 25
    Air Filter Size: 16x25
    Air Filter Width (in.): 16
    Air Purifier & Cleaner Type: H.E.P.A Air Cleaner
    Contaminants Captured: Bacteria, Dust Mites, Dust/Lint, Mold Spores, Pet Dander, Pollen
    Filter Material: Synthetic
    HVAC Product Type: Air Filter
    MERV Rating (Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value): 8.0, MERV 8