EarthKind® Pouch Pod

EarthKind® Pouch Pod

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EarthKind® Pouch Pod
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Extend the Life Up to 3x of Your Stay Away® Pouches

Place your pest repellent or deterrent pouches inside of the EarthKind® Pouch Pod for a slower, consistent release of the pouch’s essential oils. Our pouch holders are made using plant fibers and help to prolong the use of your Fresh Cab® and Stay Away® pouches by up to 3x. They create a protective barrier between your home surfaces and the pouch oils and also protect your pouches from curious kids and pets.


Sustainable, Plant-Based Materials

Made from sustainable, plant-based bio-resin material containing flax, our protective pods are made in the USA using ingredients grown on North Dakota family farms. The 100% bio-based container is plastic-free and designed to help minimize waste.

Reusable for Up to 3 Years

After 3 years, the compostable material will begin to naturally decompose and the holder will need to be replaced.

How to use

  • Squeeze the sides of the EarthKind® Pouch Pod to remove the base.
  • Remove the plastic outer wrap from the Stay Away® or Fresh Cab® pest control pouch, and place the pouch inside the pod.
  • Reattach the base, and place the Pouch Pod on a flat surface. The pod comes with a removable hanger that allows for hanging in closets, cupboards, and other problem areas.