Creek Side Premium Potting Soil 20lb

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Creek Side Premium Potting Soil 20lb
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The CreekSide Premium Potting Soil has been specially formulated from a select blend of natural soil components for your indoor or outdoor planters and window boxes.

Ready to Use
Quality Tested
Indoor and Outdoor Containers


Indoor House Plants:

Use pot with drain holes
Place small rocks or gravel on bottom
Place plant in pot and gently pack Potting Soil around stem, then add water

Re-Potting Plants:

Choose a container, which is slightly larger, remove plant from the original container and place in a new container
Fill the container up to 2/3 full with Potting Soil
Lightly press Potting Soil around roots to eliminate air pockets and to secure plant in place

Vegetable or Flower Beds:

Fill the container or prepared bed with Potting Soil
Position your new plantings and firmly press into soil, adding additional Potting Soil as needed
Water thoroughly

Indoor and Outdoor Containers:

Put a layer of Potting Soil into the container
Place the plant in the desired position with the base of the stem at the level equal to the rim of the container
Press gently but firmly to eliminate any air pockets
Water thoroughly