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Comfort Zone 8" Turbo Oscillating Desk Fan, Black

Comfort Zone 8" Turbo Oscillating Desk Fan, Black

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Comfort Zone 8" Turbo Oscillating Desk Fan, Black
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The Comfort Zone 8" Turbo Fan is designed with a powerful turbo motor giving you maximum air movement in a compact design. Complete with three speeds and an oscillation function to help circulate the air throughout the room, this small, but powerful fan features a full 180° adjustable tilt, so you can aim the air flow right where you want it. This fan is perfect for any room in your home, office, dorm, and more, helping to create a cool and comfortable atmosphere wherever you are.


3-SPEED ROTARY DIAL: With a rotary dial switch featuring low, medium and high speeds, this high-velocity room fan lets you control and optimize air output to suit any workshop or office space.

ADJUSTABLE ANGLE: Featuring a 180-degree adjustable tilt, this 8" turbo fan can be angled and adjusted to direct airflow where you need it most.

COMPACT DESIGN: Measuring just 8" in diameter, this compact high-velocity fan produces impressive power and air output for its size, helping you cool down small home offices or workshops with ease.

OSCILLATING PERFORMANCE: The desk fan distributes air across a wider area, optimizing air circulation to provide efficient performance.

PLASTIC FAN BLADES: Equipped with a plastic grill and plastic fan blades, this lightweight table fan offers impressive durability and is also easy to clean.