Attwood Mercury pre-1998 Fuel Line Kit

Attwood Mercury pre-1998 Fuel Line Kit

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Attwood Mercury pre-1998 Fuel Line Kit
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Attwood Mercury pre-1998 Fuel Line Kit

Attwood's new Low-permeation Fuel Line Assemblies set the new standard in performance, safety and value. Include Attwood's exclusive Award winning Universal Sprayless Connector (hose and tank fittings), Attwood's exclusive Multi-layer low-permeation Primer Bulb and fiber reinforced, low permeation, high performance fuel line. Fuel Demand Valve is optional. Compatible with Mercury, Mercury pre-1998 and Mercury/Mariner engines.

• Include Universal Sprayless Connector (male tank fitting and female hose fitting). Compatible with all fuel tanks with standard 1/4" NPT output. Use thread sealant when connecting to tank.

• Attwood Universal Sprayless Connector replaces traditional tank fittings and eliminates spray when connecting or disconnecting fuel fittings.

• Includes Attwood exclusive Multi-layer low-permeation primer bulb.

• Includes 3/8" low-permeation fiber reinforced fuel hose designed to prevent kinking and hardening when used with Ethanol blended fuels.

• High-strength fiber reinforced fuel hose rated up to 100C and 600psi

• Stepless 360 degree stainless steel clamps and engineered hose barbs designed for use in pressurized fuel systems and guaranteed to be leak free.

• Compatible with Ethanol blended fuels

• Compatible with all OEM brand engines (1hp - 350hp)

2 Year Warranty