Antler King Trophy Deer Mineral 20 Lbs

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Antler King Trophy Deer Mineral 20 Lbs
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The original Antler King product, that after over 30 years on the market and several enhancements, is still the #1 deer mineral!

Contains 27 different proven antler growing vitamins, minerals and other additives
Special yeast culture helps deer better digest all of their food
Comprised of highly digestible chelated minerals
Greatest consumption will be February through September
Just pour contents onto ground, deer trail



Trophy Deer Mineral contains 27 different antler building minerals, vitamins and additives. TROPHY DEER MINERAL also contains a special yeast culture which allows the deer to better utilize and easily absorb the minerals and vitamins. The result is more minerals into antler and body development. TROPHY DEER MINERAL is available in 20 lb. bags and is best used when poured on the ground near a deer trail. Although we suggest a year round mineral program greatest consumption is from February to September

#1 Deer mineral on the market.
Contains 27 different antler building major minerals, trace minerals, vitamins, amino acids and additives.
Includes a special yeast culture, helping deer become more efficient when eating and digesting their food.
Comprised of highly digestible chelated minerals.
Easy to use, just pour the bag out next to a deer trail.
Highest consumption from February through September.
For maximum antler growth mix one bag of POWER RACK with one bag of TROPHY DEER MINERAL.
Trophy Deer Mineral will attract deer. Check your local game laws for baiting regulations before using.