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Alpha Brite Alum, 20"

Alpha Brite Alum, 20"

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Alpha Brite Alum, 20"
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Alpha Brite Alum, 20"

From the shaft and insert materials to the fletching and nocks, our crossbow arrows are constructed using the finest materials and components available on the market today. High-performance hunting crossbows demand high-performance arrows, and our engineers work to create arrow designs that perform the best when shot out of your TenPoint or Wicked Ridge crossbow..



FEATURES  &  SPECIFICATIONS                                                                                      

•Thoroughly tested through the manufacturing process
•Carefully designed using cutting-edge technology
•Made to meet international standards for quality and safety

 •Style: ‎Alpha Brite
•Length: 20"         
     •Straightness: 0.003
      •White plastic frame
    •Weather resistant
 •Built in key hole