Jenlis Weed Razer Pro Aquatic Weed Cutter

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Jenlis Weed Razer Pro Aquatic Weed Cutter

Includes Hand Sharpener

Remove Aquatic Vegetation
Adjustable Blade For Tough Angles
Cut At The Base Of Pond Weeds

Remove your pond weeds in just minutes with the Weed Razer™ Pro. The Weed Razer™ Pro is an adjustable pond tool that will slice vegetation at its roots and is adjustable from 12" all the way up to 62". With the included 25' rope the Weed Razer™ Pro is capable of cutting virtually every type of pond weed. This pond tool is able to cut in deep water, shallow water, at the base of weeds, and will provide very little resistance as it slices through vegetation.

Remove weeds in a simple 4 step process!
Give it a toss.
Let it sink.
Pull it in.

The Weed Razer™ Pro clears a path with each throw. Weighing just 9 pounds, it is light enough to toss 30 feet or more, yet heavy enough to sink straight to the bottom. Once you've cut the pond weeds, we recommend that you remove the cut vegetation from the water. Decaying vegetation will provide nutrients that can stimulate new vegetation.