Kness Big Snap-E Rat Trap

MFG #: 103-0-005 SKU #: 110042
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Kness Big Snap-E Rat Trap

With the BIG SNAP-E, it's the end of the road for rats, gophers, chipmunks, ground squirrels and other pesky rodents. The quick response time makes certain that once caught, the rodent stays caught! Two Pre-formed holes in the trap base allow for surface mounting. Fingers never touch the rodent. The BIG SNAP-E RAT TRAP is made of durable polystyrene and steel. They both resist stains and odors common in old-fashioned wooden traps, are easy to clean and can be reused for years of service. They are simple, safe and sanitary. Big Snap-E Rat Trap by Kness

Easy to Bait: Place peanut butter in bait cup. A special bait cup and trip paddle make it nearly impossible for rats to steal bait without getting trapped.
Easy to Set: Place trap in a problem area, on a flat surface, preferably near a wall. With both thumbs, pull back slowly on upper bar until it locks firmly in catch. Trap is set when strike bar is in upright position.
Easy to Dispose of Rat: To dispose of rat, simply pull back on the upright bar until the rat is released. Snap-E Mouse Trap is escape-proof and you never have to touch another mouse. Snap-E Mousetraps are easy to use and made to last.
Use them year after year. They're safe, simple and sanitary. Steel and durable polystyrene materials make them tough. Smart engineering including a larger trip paddle and strike bar makes them work every time.