Stabil Fogging Oil, 10 Oz.

MFG #: 22001 SKU #: 12990030
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Stabil Fogging Oil, 10 Oz.

Internal parts of stored engines can rust in as little as 30 days without protection. Also, cylinders dry out during storage resulting in possible permanent engine damage at start up. STA-BIL fogging oil protects internal engine surfaces from corrosion and lubricates cylinders to prevent engine damage after storage. Safe to use on all 2 and 4 cycle engines and fuel injected engines.
•Displaces moisture from metal to prevent corrosion
•Specially formulated to go deep into the engine, seeking metal surfaces to form a protective coating
•Lubricates cylinders to prevent damage at start up
•Use in car, boat (Inboard and outboard) engines, lawnmowers, snowblowers